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  • Kırıkkale GoTürkiye

    Only a 45-minute drive from the capital, Kırıkkale is a young city which became a province in 1989. Amongst one of the cheapest cities in Türkiye, the city hosts people from different cultures.

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    The Mosque and the Tomb were built in 1605 but they’ve been restored in 1777 and 1807.



    On Dinek Mountain (Dinek Dağı), horses that live in their natural environment are being constantly trained. The visitors are trained by a professional team and then, can enjoy full experience with horses.



    Kırıkkale cuisine offers meat and vegetable specialties as well as pastries. The most popular Kırıkkale dishes are beans, soups, kadayıf and Keskin tava which is registered as geographical indication.



    You can stop by Delice Lavender Valley (Delice Lavanta Vadisi) if you would like to smell the embalming scent of lavenders used in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery.



    Keskin and Kırşehir constitute the epicentre of the Central Anatolian Folk Music inherited from “abdal” culture.



    10 vibes for Kırıkkale

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    Çeşnigir Köprüsü is a historical bridge built, built in Seljukian period on Kızılırmak. (Red River) Kırşehir and Keskin regions’ folk dances accompanied by davul & zurna, are inherited from “abdal” culture, and especially performed in feasts and weddings.

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    in Kırıkkale

    Start the day with a rich breakfast of regional products and pastries. After the breakfast, head off to Yahşihan Historical Iron Bridge, Irmak District Railway Station, Kılıçlar Railway Station, Kılıçlar Village old primary school building.